With over thirty-eight years in technology, we’ve not only seen the landscape change, we’ve had the honor of changing the landscape by globally building out applications and infrastructure you know and love.

These applications include Moviefone/777-FILM, Entertainment Products for AOL, Compuserve and Netscape,  Rodale Publishing (including The Biggest Loser diet platform) and all the magazine sites, KickApps white label social network platform (used by key logos: Hearst Communications, NBC, BET, Oprah) and much more.

We are taking our skills and applying them locally to provide value and benefit the community by:

  • Offering a cost effective review of your current systems, networks, connectivity, security, backup schemes, software at $125 hour and present a plan for review.
    • 100% of this expense can be used to execute the plan.
  • Providing a proposal outlining what your business or home should do to ensure it can survive the worst survivable disaster you can envision including:
    • rough cost estimates
    • face to face review and prioritization
  • Executing a plan in the most cost effective way possible
  • Being available 24/7 so you can conduct business when you need to, not at some support service's convenience


We envision change that adds process and best practices to technology. That:

  • considers and executes against financial objectives in a fiscally responsible way.
  • listens to, learns from, and effectively addresses our clients needs.
  • taps proven resources to add PMO/project management, quality assurance and product management to launch a new wave of growth.
  • facilitates team execution to increase quality & efficiency in a manner that is loved by our clients and prospects, and is envied by our competitors.


We believe highly successful teams are formed by giving people the freedom to share ideas and challenges in an appreciative and safe forum. This has worked effectively to deliver products that have resulted in ~80mm in annual revenue, sales of companies for over US$500mm and a sense of team that most would find hard to duplicate – all of which are a great pleasure to orchestrate and observe.

History & Future:

Wonderful circumstances let us build product & brands that have been used & loved around the world; a true honor that was transformational on coutless occaisions.

Locally and geographically isolated teams, and individuals, have been united to work as a cohesive, effective group; able to achieve what they previously had not while being accountable & celbrated. This is evidenced in our experience at Moviefone (securing technical execution and the principal’s interest for an IPO and sale to AOL), AOL (Uniting Entertainment Product execution and giving meaning & purpose to competent teams needing new purpose in their work life – having visibility of top management including having three executive pitch Jon Miller to bring me back a year after I left), KickApps/KIT Digital (by building product with staff Coast to Coast, UK, France and India), and more. Process that was sane was introduced along the way that improved quality, efficiency and eliminated unnecessary dependencies.

We’d be honored to carry this legacy forward into your business or home.

We offer the full spectrum of IT and software development services using solutions that are appropriate to your needs. We offer free analysis of your current systems and provide a list of suggestions that form a foundation of discussion. We collaborate with you to form a plan that's smart for your business and budget friendly to ensure your business is secure on its technical platforms; you'll have a lot less to be concerned about.

We're available 24/7 to handle emergencies when you need them handled; it's at your convenience for the benefit of your business.

  • Networking
  • Hardware - repairs, recommendations & acquisition from PCs to peripherals
  • Business Continuity (ensure your business can recover from a disaster)
  • Web Infrastructure that scales for your needs
  • Cyber Security - Antivirus, Encryption, End Point Protection, Backups, Firewalls, IT Policies/Best Practices, Multi-factor Authentication 
  • Software Development, QA, Project Management, Configuration Management, Release Management
  • Data Services - Data recovery, Forensics, Data Anywhere, Data Destruction
  • Tech Cost Reduction - Put our expertise managing multi-million dollar budgets to work to reduce your technical costs

Fraudulent Hacking/Identity & Data Theft:

With hacking and malware on the rise, there has been a marked effort to obtain credentials to fraudulently direct activity by assuming the hacked person's identity. This has been most pronounced in attorney's office where schemes dupe unwitting staff, and sometimes principals, out of their username and password. Once obtained, we've observed:

  • emails being redirected so the hacked individual is unaware of the covert fraudulent activity 
  • directions sent to the clients misdirecting them to wire funds intended to close transactions to offshore accounts
  • deletion of contacts, as many as two decades worth, thwarting efforts to alert clients of the hacker's activities once discovered

We've successfully shut down phishing web sites around the world, restored deleted contacts and provided road maps (step by step plans) that would successfully thwart any future hackers attempt. Additionally, we've provided best practices to properly train staff to avoid common pitfalls of working in a connected world.

Business Continuity:

We depend on our systems operating day to day just as the sun rises day after day. Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables that are unseen that make system reliability far from certain. It's imperative to plan for everything from the typical system failure to catastrophic events like ransomware or loss of data; events that when not planned for can cost you your clients, business or precious memories.

We provide a comprehensive and relatively expeditious plan that will reduce risk and secure your essential files so you can recover anything from most any moment in time; it effectively makes your system a commodity that can be replaced and improved.

While no one ever wants to be a victim of a catastrophic event, it's happening with greater frequency, so discussing a plan and putting that plan in place ensures your business and precious family files will sustain the worst the world can offer. A backup and recovery plan gives you the peace of mind that your business will remain viable.

That Other IT Guy:

Established in 1984, an insurance agency that also provides services for tax preparation and travel had used the same IT services for years. Unfortunately, that IT service was not only unresponsive, they:

  • Sold disk encryption product that was not needed (the operating system came with that capability)
  • Installed and constantly tried to stabilize the office network (to no avail)
  • Did not listen to their clients needs

Within two hours:

  • The network was reconfigured, documented so any tech savvy person could support it, and rock solid stable
  • The WiFi security camera in the parking lot was reconfigured and operational
  • A free assessment was provided to ensure the business had a plan for secure data, an encrypted email solution, end point protection (antivirus++), backups, cloud sync of data, a recommendation for a new printer with an extremely cost effective cost per page
  • The client said she'd never use her old IT service again
  • The rate was discounted 25%
  • My standard offering of no charge for travel and a free hour towards the next engagement of two hours or more.